Placing Bets On Soccer In Proper Way

Kiwis have a rich spread of soccer betting options, both locally and internationally. With TAB offering punters a host of land based outlets and online platforms coupled with dedicated television programming linked to phone lines the monopoly for New Zealand sports and soccer betting maintains its strong presence in the territory.

Punters in quest of soccer betting options are not only limited to the use of TAB. Online options are fully legal soccer betting avenues in New Zealand.

With local game favourites including the Stirling Sports Premiership that includes leagues such as the Chatham Cup, kiwis enjoy a diverse mix of international soccer betting options such as the English Premier league, the UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup and the FIFA World Cup.

Rules For Soccer Betting

Kiwi punters opting for soccer betting options should be aware that all soccer betting stakes will only be resolved after the full ninety minutes of the match have been played.

Any winning bets will only be calculated after overtime, if any overtime is in fact played.

All bets are void if the arranged match does not go forth on the expected date.

Betting On The Premier League

One of the most opted for online soccer betting options around the globe and in New Zealand is the English Premier League. Widely acclaimed as the best soccer betting option the Premier League is contested between twenty shareholding clubs.

The EPL is broadcast to over 200 territories and captures the concentration of 4.7 billion people annually.

Current rankings list Leicester City at the top of the table, Arsenal in second position and Tottenham in third place.

With the interchangeable buying and selling of players the EPL standings are open to change, allowing for chance soccer betting strategies.

Bet On UEFA Champions Cup

Managed under the Union of European Football Associations, the UEFA cup is an annual continental club football event, contested by top ranking European Football clubs.

With a classic selection of top soccer betting options, the cup allows for various strategies on top international football pickings. The current champions are Real Madrid, who is also the most successful team in the championship.

FA Cup BettingĀ 

The FA Cup or Football Association Challenge Cup is a thrilling soccer betting option. Held annually the Cup hosts domestic English football clubs in a knockout affair.

The current champions are Manchester United Football Club, one of the most successful clubs to raise the cup alongside Arsenal holding 12 titles each and almost a sure bet at the australian sports betting sites.

FIFA World Cup Betting

The FIFA World Cup has been held every four years since its inauguration on 1930. Featuring top international teams world cup soccer betting allows for potential lucrative soccer betting options on a host of soccer betting types.

The current cup holder is Germany, with Brazil one of the cups most successful teams in World Cup History holding down an impressive 5 World Cup titles.

Popular Soccer Betting Options

All time favourite and popular soccer betting options in New Zealand include correct score soccer betting, double chance betting, match result, score cast soccer betting, half or full time predictions and even first goal predictions.