All About Pontoon Pro Low Limit Online Casino Game

If you are familiar with casino games, you will know that Pontoon is the classic British version of 21 otherwise known as Blackjack. The game is played with the same type of rules and only features some minor changes in the way the dealer reveals his hand. One of the most popular online versions of the game is Pontoon Pro Low Limit. Powered by Net Entertainment, this high quality game offers players a top-class casino experience with low betting limits that is perfectly designed for new players and anyone who does not want to get carried away with high bets.

The Game Setup

The setup for Pontoon Pro Low Limit is very simple. The game consists of a single pontoon table with three areas where players can bet. The dealer is situated at the top of the table and the player at the bottom. The cards sit to the right of the table and the player’s chips are located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. The game begins with the player placing their bet on the table. In this version of the game, players can play mobile poker USA games up to three hands against the dealer’s single hand on any round.

Placing Your Bet

To place a bet, players can click on the chips at the bottom of the screen and then click on one of the betting areas at the table. In Pontoon Pro Low Limit, once the bet has been placed, players can click on the deal button. The dealer will then deal the player two card for each hand being played. The dealer will then deal himself two cards facing down. This is the main difference between blackjack and pontoon. In blackjack at least one of the dealer’s cards is shown. Once the cards have been dealt, the dealer can peek at his cards to see if he has pontoon (blackjack). If this is the case, the player loses their bet.

Beating the Dealer

If the dealer does not have pontoon, play starts with the player. The aim of Pontoon Pro Low Limit is to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 points as possible without going over 21. This is achieved by totalling up the card points in your hand. If a player feels they have a low hand, they can request a card by clicking on the twist button. If a player has a high scoring hand, they can click on the stick button and see if the dealer can beat their hand. If the player is dealt two of the same cards, they can choose to split their hand into two pontoon hands.

Pontoon Pro Payouts

In Pontoon Pro Low Limit, once the player has finished their play, the dealer will flip his two cards and see if he can beat the players score. If the dealer does get higher than the player, the payer will lose their bet. The player will also lose their bet if they go bust. In this version of the game, dealer must twist (hit) on 16 or less and stick on a soft 17. If the dealer goes bust of does not beat the players score, the player gets paid out 1:1. If the player wins with blackjack the payout is 2:1.