Bullion Bars Slot Game Overview for Players

With this Bullion Bars slot game from Novomatic the theme on the reels is centred on the classical slot machine gameplay and symbols. However in this game, as the name suggests, it isn’t just the standard approach to the classic theme, rather a more luxury focused one with the more lucrative bars on the reels adopting a rather golden sheen to them. Otherwise the graphics of this slot are relatively standard, with a nice gold and black colour scheme to the proceedings that puts this slot look in a league of its own in terms of class.

Definitely a classic slot, this Bullion Bars game has 3 reels with 3 symbols on each, making it the same setup as the earliest slot machine games. The notable difference with this casino slot game however is that there are 20 pay lines across these reels, a fair bit more than the classic slots deigned to use and a setup that allows for multiple wins with the symbols. It is the jackpots on the reels that will be the main winning to be done here but there is also a streak bonus feature in store for the players persistent enough to win it.

The Classic Theme on these Reels

In Bullion Bars slot game Novomatic have taken the style and structure that the classic slots of old have so embedded in the industry and effectively themed it toward a more high stakes setting. There’s a reason the word class can be found in classic and with the black and gold colour scheme and the Novomatic graphics in this game these tow aspects definitely feel prominent. Even if this leaves not much in the way of storyline or animation options, the theme for this slot is one for the more experienced players perhaps, those wanting to enjoy the spinning action with a little bit more character but the same focus on the gameplay.

Because this Bullion Bars slot game is so gameplay focussed and the majority of the winning is done through the reels and symbols thereon, players would do well to keep reminding themselves on the different ones available and their potential winnings. Fortunately the structure of these symbols is pretty easy to follow, with the likes of, in ascending order, a 0, stars and increasing levels of bars making up these potential wins on the reels. This of course ends in the golden Bullion Bars that the title of this slot draws implicit attention to.

Best Bullion Bars Bonuses to Behold

The reality of this slot is that the majority of the winning to be had will come in the form of notable combinations on the reels. This includes landing 3 bars on the first and last reels and Bullion Bars on the middle reel to win a jackpot of 200 000 coins, which is sizeable by most standards.

The streak feature of this slot game from Novomatic is triggered through the Bar Streak symbol, which when hit with one of the standard bar symbols of the game on either side of it begins a streak feature which keeps spinning until no combinations are hit and then doles out all of those winnings. This one makes for some interesting wins in this Bullion Bars classic styled slot game.