Frankenstein Mobile Touch Slot Reviewed for Smartphone Players

Frankenstein Mobile Touch Slot Reviewed

This is another one of NetEnt’s rather spooky collection of horror story slot games. Like the ones that feature vampires and others of a similar stream this one is called Frankenstein Touch mobile slot and as the title less than subtly nods toward it is based on the story of the crazed scientist that brought to life a monster made largely from corpses. Players will immediately pick up on the tone being broadcast from this mobile slot theme from the moment they begin the game and watch the well put together intro movie that brings the characters, theme and symbols on the reels into the light, at least partly so. On the reels of this mobile game the whole affair is both rather nerve wracking and quite interesting.

This Frankenstein Touch mobile slot game has a simple set of 5 reels, upon which of course sit the various themed symbols involved in the game. In order to properly gain access to these symbols, or rather the action of landing them to form wins, the players require pay lines across which to do this. In this game from NetEnt there are 20 pay lines that run both ways across the reels and make up this grid of combination possibility. The reels of this Frankenstein Touch mobile game aren’t just base game however and do include a few bonuses like an action packed Wild and even a few free spins to really get the wins flowing.

Back onto the Thematic Side of Frankenstein

This particular theme on the reels of this particular Frankenstein Touch slot game from NetEnt is actually based on the book of this fictional tale and with it the style and even characters held within. This is a recurring situation for the more exotic themes by this developer where the go all the way back to routes of a popular story or character to produce a rather unique slot experience. With the graphics of this slot game the reels involved do rather pop on the screen of a competent mobile device and so players can feel the pull of immersion even through the mobile gaming platform and slots. Even the sound effects help to this effect with their rather creepy noises and effects.

Frankenstein Mobile Touch pokies

The symbols that players will encounter on screen with this Frankenstein Touch mobile game include the aforementioned characters related to the book of the same name. These include the monster himself, the scientist behind all this madness as well as a few other related characters. There are also a good few of the playing card symbols NetEnt have often had a fondness for and are of course shaped more toward the theme.

Listing off the Bonuses on the Reels

Like Mac pokies NZ or any good scary slot game, this Frankenstein Touch mobile slot ultimately still needs a few bonuses to offer players a reprieve from the unrelenting fear of the theme involved. In the case of this NetEnt slot these features include a lightning Wild which can arch across the reels and turn other symbols Wild. The free spins of this slot allow players access to up to 10 free spins and an increasing multiplier of up to 5 times. This makes winning on the reels of this Frankenstein Touch mobile slot quite a possibility as well.