Fruitshop Touch Mobile Slot Explained Online

This is a fruity theme choice from developers NetEnt who have done quite a few of these sorts of slot themes as mobile versions. With this Fruitshop Touch slot game the theme is essentially a play on the classic fruit machines of old which featured this form of produce often as the symbols on the reels. In the case of this mobile slot game the fruits and their associated paraphernalia are all done up in a more cartoon style, whilst the rest of the game adopts a similar minimalistic and austere approach to the gameplay involved. Overall the graphics and theme of this slot pull together well to form the mobile presence players will discover.

Underneath the glossy exterior of this slot game lies a fundamental working mechanic comprising of 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols with a simple 15 pay lines involved. This is a modest setup to be sure but on the mobile platform the more simple setups often make for the most practical. There are of course a few betting options all tucked behind the banner of settings so as not to clutter the game screen and reserve the playable space for the reels of this Fruitshop Touch slot. Additional to this modest setup and style there are a few subtle in-game bonuses that make a noticeable impression on the game.

Mobile Slot Theme and Fruity Symbols Present

As mentioned above, the setup of this Fruitshop Touch slot game is deliberately geared toward the simplicity of classic slot gaming and as such proffers more austere facets of the game over the more modern ones. In this case that means that whilst the graphics for this mobile game are still competent the symbols, backdrop and reel border are all simply done up and designed, making the pokies appearance one of a more clinically classic yet modern combination.

All in all this game makes for a basic but fun gaming experience on the mobile which thanks to the gameplay design of NetEnt that also comes with some entertaining spinning action on the light and colourful reels that ultimately take up the majority of the screen. Fruitshop Touch, due to the subtle design, has the most effective thematic presence done through its symbols on the reels. Included in this themed escapade are various fruit including lemons, plums, cherries, watermelon and oranges, all of which appear in their respective bright colours making the reels of this Fruitshop Touch slot game rather pop.

Onto the Subject of Slot Bonus Features

The thing about even the classically styled slots is that somewhere along the line players are going to want some form of bonus feature, if not to add to their potential for winning then to mix up the spinning with something a little different. In this Fruitshop Touch mobile slot, which by its very nature is rather simply structured, the only real bonus feature is that of free spins which are rewarded in the base game when players form combinations of the fruit symbols on the reels. This is quite an innovative way to include a feature in a slot of this nature and on the mobile platform this reflects well.