The World’s Best Female Poker Players

From the town of Brooklyn comes a woman called Vanessa Selbst, who at age thirty three is showing men that she is the strongest female poker player in the world. By the year 2012 Vanessa Selbts already had three WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelets. The WSOP bracelet is made up of 356 white diamonds, 626 black diamonds and 194 rubies and is worth an amazing $500 000.

Her highest finish at the WSOP Main Event was in the position of 73rd place in the year 2012. Besides for this she also has 8 final tables, 20 money finishes and 2 WPT (World Poker Tour) final tables. Her highest win is an amazing $11.85million. Besides for all of her poker achievements, Selbts also has a J.D. (a graduate entry professional degree in law) from Yale University. All in all, a very well established woman.

The PokerKat and the Duchess of Poker

In second place for the worlds best female poker players is PokerKat Kathy Liebert. She started out as a prop player in Colorado and won her first Party Poker Million event in the year 2002. By 2017 she had a WSOP bracelet and her biggest winning was almost $6.2million.

Her poker achievements include 6 WPT finish tables, a 3rd place finish at the 2005 Borgata Poker Open and 47 WSOP money finishes.

From felines to royalty. Annie Duke better known as the Duchess of Poker is the world’s third strongest female poker player. The Duchess and her husband moved to Las Vegas after her 1994 three showings of 14th, 5th and 26th in the main event, in order for her to further her career as a professional poker player.

By 2010 she had won a WSOP bracelet and the WSOP Tournament of champions. For quite some time she also held the title of highest female winner at the WSOP, that is until Vanessa Selbst came on the scene and conquered. The Duchess highest win stands at $4.27million.

Norway In Number Four

While the worlds top three professional female poker players come from the United States of America, coming in at number four is Norwegian Anette Obrestad. This amazing woman began her career as a poker player when she was 15 years old through online poker games. She is the youngest person ever to have a WSOP bracelet with ten money finishes and made final table at the EPT (European Poker Tour)

Before that, the day before her 19th birthday, she won the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe main event in 2007. Her biggest win stands at an impressive $3.93million. Outside the world of poker she is an accomplished YouTuber with a makeup channel called Anette’s Makeup Corner. On the channel she not only posts makeup tutorials but also reviews makeup. She truly shows the world that the beauty can be a beast, a poker beast that is.

Watch out gents, it is clear that the ladies are coming for your positions as world record holders and highest winners of poker. The Lady is the new Lord.