Burning Hot Slot Machine Reviewed Online

Novomatic definitely like their classically themed slot games, those one that take the focus away from the flash and the bonus features and place it firmly back on the reels, like the slot games of old. This Burning Hot slot game takes particular interest in the fruity symbols and the gameplay attached to these types of slots. The graphics of this casino slot may not win any awards, but the layout and easy to understand gameplay and options allows for most any players to simply jump in and start playing, something that a lot of the more recent slot games take for granted.

In keeping with this more classical style, this Burning Hot video slot game has 5 reels and only 5 fixed pay lines, which is a very small number by today’s more action intensive standard. The classic style doesn’t let Novomatic hold back on their betting options though and players will find a good couple options available, including coin value and credit bet. On the side of bonus features this game is again rather minimal in its pursuit for the classical approach but does include a few Scatter symbols, a Wild and of course Novomatic’s favourite gamble option.

Turning the Heat up on the Reels

From the name alone this Burning Hot slot game doesn’t give much away regarding the theme and only really becomes clear once players begin the game and start winning with their spins. It is at this point that the otherwise fully fledged classical theme applied to this slot’s reels takes a rather unique twist in that when players do hit those winning spins the symbols that are involved in these wins, most of which are fruity, burst into flames. This is a graphical feature that makes this classic slot just a little more immersive and since the effects happen on the reels players wanting a spin focused game can still find one in this slot. Otherwise the sound effects and backdrop are also of a classic nature, which is to say, rather plain.

The symbols on the reels of Burning Hot are what mark this game out as themed toward the fruity slot of old. Here players will find all manner of classic fruit symbols, including oranges, cherries, melons, plums and more at Canadian casino sites. There are also the bonus affiliated symbols like the lucky 7’s, shamrocks and stars, which are also clearly of a more classical inclination.

Minimalist Bonus Features on the Reels

Theming a slot game to the older, classic fruit machines often means forsaking some of the more interactive and exaggerated bonus features common to some of the more recent slots available online. In this Burning Hot slot game from Novomatic the bonuses include several Scatter symbols and a Wild. The Wild is the four leaf clover symbol and can substitute for other symbols in game making it perfect for this reel focussed slot style.

The Scatter in this Burning Hot slot game include a star and dollar sign and both can hit wins without pay lines, making for nice additional wins from time to time. There is also a gamble option with this Novomatic slot which allows players to wager their winnings on a double or nothing 50/50 bet. In combination these bonuses do quite well on the reels of this slot game.