Play ‘n Go’s Version of French Roulette Explained Online

Play ‘n Go is a Swedish-based online casino software studio, dedicated to creating quality games and delivering them to as many people as possible. This commitment has seen them create software that plays equally well on desktop computers and Apple, Android or any other mobile handsets, and games that have been released in 30 different languages. These include some impressive variations of Roulette.

The full name of Play ‘n Go’s French version of Roulette is French Roulette La Partage, because of the inclusion of the La Partage rule in the game. With a wider range of bets than European Roulette and the smallest house edge of any version of the game, it’s always rewarding and is a great place for novices to start. You can learn more about it here.

French Roulette La Partage Basics

As with the European version of the game, there is 1 zero panel on the Little Wheel, and it is coloured green. The other 36 panels are in their standard order as well, and the game table markings are also traditional. The spinning wheel, and a ball being dropped on it, are expertly simulated. The panel that the ball ends up in is determined by Random Number Generation, and you’ll be wagering on where that will be.

You can place all standard European Roulette bets in this French version, such as whether the ball will land in a black- or red-coloured or odd- or even-numbered panel and even on the specific number of the panel that it lands in. A range of outside bets is possible as well, with some of the names in French to make things more authentic. These include Mangue and Passe, meaning Small and Large Numbers respectively.

You can also make oral bets in this version of the game. These can be Neighbour, Sector, Final, Jeu 7/9, Red Splits or Black Splits. The La Partage rule means that when the ball lands in the 0 panel all outside bets are halved, and you get back 50% of whatever you wagered. This brings the casino advantage down to 1.35% on these wagers.

Having so many more bets available in French Roulette La Partage, and being able to place some of them orally, opens up a lot more playing and betting options for you. The wide range of bets is clearly shown on screen, and you can bet anywhere from 1 to 1000 credits per spin of the wheel.

French Roulette La Partage Interface

Like other Play ‘n Go offerings, this game functions smoothly and offers excellent graphics. You should find yourself immersed in the spinning wheel as soon as you start playing. You’ll also find quite a lot of information on the screen to help you make betting decisions, such as a table with the most recent winning numbers.

It’s also possible to change several of the user setting parameters and even adjust the size of the screen in roulette play. Customising your playing experience should make it even more enjoyable, so try it out for yourself today. The game can be played free as well as for real money, meaning you can see what you think without investing anything except time. Give it a whirl, and if you like it and feel confident you can start placing real money bets. You’ll stand a better chance of winning big than with any other form of Roulette!