What are Bonus Games and How to Play Them?

Slot machines have evolved dramatically from the simple one armed bandits with three reels that spat out coins if you got three identical symbols in a row. These days slots have a multitude of extras. With the advent of the Internet, and slots going virtual, there was no longer a need for slot machine to have a physical presence, which meant that developers could add pretty much anything they wanted to their slot machines. As a result, many new slots have second screen bonus games built into them that are related to the theme in some way.

Kinds of Bonus Games

Bonus games come in many different shapes and forms.  They are almost always theme based, and carry on the story of the slot in some way. These bonus games can involve pretty much anything relating to the theme, from a shooting game for gun-based slots to hidden items games. The bonus games available in video slots are only limited by the developer’s imaginations. Some of the games have graphics and game play to rival some top actual video games. The most common type of bonus game is a free spins round. These are usually launched by the games scatter symbol, and can involve anything from spinning a wheel of fortune to having to fight giant spiders with a bow and arrow. During these free spins round a multiplier is often applied to any winnings and extra symbols such as wilds can appear.

Benefits of Bonus Games

There are two main benefits of playing slots with bonus games. The first is obviously that a slot with bonus games can be much more lucrative than a slot without. The offer of extra prizes, progressive jackpots and multipliers gives players a much bigger chance of winning big than a plain simple slot that only pays out for symbols in a row. The second obvious benefit is entertainment. Real money slots with bonus games are much more fun to play than those without. Not only because of the lure of prizes, but also the actual video game aspect that is quite often interactive and requires you to think and act.

Where to find Slots with Bonus Games

Slots with bonus games can be found pretty much anywhere that there are slot machines in general. If you are of the old school persuasion you can take a drive down to your nearest brick and mortar casino, which should have a selection of slots including some with bonus games. These may be limited however. The online slot world is vast, and can be accessed via either you desktop computer or even your personal smart device.

Online slots are a term used for slots that can be played on your computer, either Mac or PC. These are found using your web browser, and are generally not down loaded onto your computer. These are played using Adobe Flash, so make sure that your PC has the latest version installed. Mobile slots is the term used for slots that are played using a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. These can be either downloaded onto you device or played via Flash in your web browser. Online slots tend to have better and more expansive bonus games due to superior processing power and screen size of desktops or laptops verses mobile devices.