Cannington Greyhound Racing Track at a Glance for Bettors

Cannington Greyhound Racing Track

Cannington is the main greyhound-racing track in Perth, Australia. It holds and number of races per year, as well as Group 1 races such as the Perth Cup.  Dogs from all over the country enter into the Perth Cup looking to win the prize money or a trophy.  Betting on the cup is available online as well as at the track on a national level. The Perth Cup is sponsored by Sky racing and is televised all over the country.

Racing at Cannington

Races are held at Cannington Race Track every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Being a Sky track, all races on Wednesday and Saturday are covered by the channel, and televised either on mainstream TV or via pay TV. Entrance to the track is free except for big days such as the Perth Cup.  Full bookmakers and tote facilities are available at the track for all races, either via on site bookies or electronic tote machines. The length of races at the track varies and is dependent on the day. The racing is mainly city grade on the regular days and attracts local crowds keen on a night out.

Wagering at Cannington

Placing a wager at Cannington can be done online like betting on the Geelong Cup as well as at the track itself. Greyhound wagering in Western Australia accounts for 20% of the entire totaliser income in the state, only behind thoroughbred racing. Seventy six million dollars has been generated off course, and 7.5 million dollars generated on course in wagers in 2015 alone.

Local bookies are available at the track on most days and all racing can be bet on online via various sites.  These sites offer other services such as the history and pedigree of the dogs, and who they have been trained by.  When betting on a dog it is always a good idea to have a look at the dog’s history to see whether its odds are warranted.  A favourite dog will have high odds of winning, which means that its payout for those who bet on it will not be as big as a dog with lower odds. Taking a chance one a less successful dog could be more lucrative than backing the favourite.

Wagering at Cannington

Perth Cup

The Perth Cup is a Group One race run at Cannington in February each year. Greyhounds come from all around the country to enter the race via a number of heats, getting eliminated as the races continue. The main race is held on a Saturday with a field of eight dogs, a number of which are local and trained by local trainers.  Punters throughout the year look forward to the Perth Cup, as it is the most popular Western Australian Greyhound race.

Greyhound Betting

Betting on a dog race is very similar to betting on a horse race in terms of the kind of bets that can be placed.  Dog racing is more accessible than horse racing as dogs are much cheaper to keep, and members of the public can own them without too much effort.  Dog tracks rely on betting to host races and thus keep the industry alive.

There are a number of different betting sites where one can place on a race, most of which offer great odds.  The most obvious is a win, in which you bet on which dog will cross the line first. Other popular bets include each way bet, quinellas and trifectas.