The Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Overview

The Olympic Games is one of the oldest sporting events in the world, having first started during the times of the Ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that physical fitness and training was one way to become closer to the gods, and so their best athletes spent years training hard to eventually try and have a chance at victory at the Games.

It’s an event that has persisted to this day, and the next summer Olympics are going to be taking place in Tokyo, Japan. The year of the event is 2020, meaning that there are just two years left before they begin, which will be from July to August in that year.

Japan is one of the world’s most advanced cities, and the people that live there have long been known as productive, hard-working, and they strive to keep their cities both in one with the surrounding nature while also packed to the brim with all the latest from the technological world.

The Olympics draw in crowds from across the world, and it’s one of the most-watched sporting events. Not only does it attract various sporting enthusiasts, but it also has a strong betting scene. For those that are interested in the 2020 games, this is all you need to know.

The Upcoming Games – Some Interesting Facts

This isn’t the first Olympic Games that Japan has hosted. It has, in fact, been home to the Games three times in the last few decades, but only once did they Games take place at the capital of Tokyo, in 1964.

While Tokyo was originally meant to hold the 1940 Games, due to the conflicts that arose during the period of World War 2, the Games were instead moved to Helsinki.

Coming as a surprise to some, North Korea will be taking part in the Games in 2020. They are sending 22 athletes in total, including a women’s hockey team made up of 12 players. Although some fear there might be some tensions between the North and South Koreans, others feel that it might be the perfect way for the two countries to find some common ground.

There will be 339 gold medals in total. Of the people attending the events, there will be over 11000 athletes, all of which hail from 206 different countries. At the moment, Russia is not permitted to enter the games due to its IOC suspension.

One of the new sports to enter the Games officially will be skateboarding. Famous athletes like Shaun White are expected to take part in the Summer Olympics, especially after winning three gold medals during his endeavours in the Winter Olympics.

In a bid to be more environmentally friendly, the Japanese government has asked its citizens to turn in their old, unused mobile phones. The government’s plans to recycle and reuse the old phones, taking their bronze, silver, and gold in order to make the medals, as opposed to having to mine the precious metals as has been previously done.

The 2020 Olympic Games look to be a resounding success, and should provide Tokyo with boosted tourist opportunities.