Ghost Rider Introduction – A Playtech Slot Game

Ghost Rider slot by Playtech offers the player a five reel slot with a total of twenty paylines. This online slot boasts a comic book style with utilises a dark colour palette to transport the player into the setting of the very popular comic book hero of the same name. Ghost Rider was first released by Marvel as a comic but in recent years has seen several movies released with the same premise and characters.

These movies star Nicolas Cage as the main character Johnny Blaze and tell the tale of a stunt rider who jumps motorcycles. He is given his dark powers by the Devil and ends up having to fight a gang of demons. As can be seen by the artwork in this slot, the slot is true to the story line outlined in both the comic and the movies at this Hong Kong online casino.

Slots Intro Sets the Tone

The intro to this slot is a cinematic that shows Johnny Blaze in a cemetery. He then transforms into Ghost Rider with a flaming skull for a head and a flaming motorcycle. He rips out of the cemetery and on to the open road where he is chased by demon spirits. Using his trusty chain, Ghost Rider beats back the demons before the intro is concluded and the player is brought to the reels.

Slot Options

The background for the reels is a very simple black but it fits well with the theme of the slot. To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see the various paylines numbering from one to twenty in grey boxes. At the top of the screen, the player can see the name of the slot in flaming letters as well as some bonus information.

At the bottom of the game, the player is given additional information about the slot as well as betting options, which can be adjusted, and balances. This information includes the number of lines that the player wants to bet as well as their bet per line. These can be changed via the up and down buttons. The player’s win and total bet are displayed in boxes that are stacked on top of one another. There is also the player’s total balance along with max bet, auto play, spin and info buttons.

Bonus Features

The bonus features in this slot are in line with many of the other Marvel games that have been produced. The first of these features is the free spins feature. In order to activate the free spins feature, the player must the scatter symbol on at least three of the reels. Once done, the player will benefit from a three times multiplier for the duration of their free spins.

The ghost hunt bonus is another feature for this slot. Every time the player manages to land one of the flaming motorcycles in the middle of a particular reel, the outermost edge of that slot reel will set on fire. Manage to light all of the reels on fire and the bonus game opens up where you must use ten shots to kill as many ghosts as possible. Each ghost killed is worth a multiplier plus a cash prize.