Isis Gold Slot Review & Guide for New Players Online

Isis Gold Slot Review & Guide for New Players Online

Contemporary culture has long been fascinated with the rich history of Ancient Egypt, to this day and age still so shrouded in mystery and magic. Isis Gold Spielo video slots takes for its theme this time and place, as do many of the most popular video slots machine games currently available for online players.

Isis is a particularly popular symbol for slots machine games with this theme, as she was one of the goddesses of the ancient matriarchal religions, revered throughout Egypt for many years. She stands as the feminine counterpart to the god Osiris, and she was eventually adopted by the Greeks and the Romans when Egypt’s power began to fade.

She is held to stand as a compliant wife, grieving widow and protector of the dead, fulfilling multiple roles throughout her long history, and there are numerous myths and legends that have her as the star of the show.

Isis Gold Spielo video slots manage to bring her to modern day man in a brand new form, online slots machine games, and, although this particular slots game is not yet widely available online, there are many games that feature very similar themes available for those who enjoy it, with many recommendations available for players.

World Famous Spielo Isis Slots

Gamblers of any level of experience will have played a game or two from this developer, if not Isis Gold Spielo video slots specifically, and there are many comparable titles available online for fans of this genre of video slots to enjoy.

Aristocrat has Queen of the Nile, IGT has Cleopatra, and Spielo itself offers Treasures of the Pyramids, all of which make use of the hieroglyphic symbols and other immediately recognisable icons these games employ. This is by far one of the most interesting Australian online pokies available to players these days.

Symbols for Isis Gold Video Slots

The most notable symbols Isis Gold Spielo video slots and other similarly themed games make use of is the Isis statue symbol, which will usually substitute for all others and grant access to the free spins portion of the games.

These statues are inscribed with the number of spins they are able to grant the player, and the more that appear on the reels, the more spins the player is then able to take advantage of.

Three of these statues will award the Isis Gold bonus, where a separate screen is presented with twelve different tiles hiding various amounts of money are displayed. Players are given three chances to choose a tile, although only one cash amount will be awarded.

Players can choose to keep the first amount, forfeiting his or her second and third chances, or try to secure a higher amount of winnings by going on to choose another, losing the previous amount.

This is a really unique aspect of Isis Gold Spielo video slots, but until the game is available for internet users other Egyptian slots titles will have to do. They combine excellent graphics with individual innovations for their players to enjoy, and there are many comparison sites available online that will recommend the best of them for those interested in this theme.