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Gambling Through the Ages

While online gambling is immensely popular, it is still a relatively new addition to the gambling community as a whole. There is plenty of research to suggest that gambling was one of the world’s earliest forms of entertainment, dating back as far as ancient times.

Gambling through the ages is actually quite a fascinating topic, and it is interesting to note how and why it was used in previous civilisations and how it came to be what it is today. While the history of gambling is a vast and intricate one, it is a far cry from the online gambling we know today. Take a look at some of the key points in gambling’s history below.

Gambling Was Used To Settle Land Disputes

This may seem like a bit of a far stretch of the imagination, and quite far removed from the online gambling we now know, but many historians believe that gambling was used to settle land disputes in the early days of civilisation. It is thought that the two parties in dispute over the land in question would roll a set of dice, and whoever had the more favourable hand could claim the land. In fact, it is believed that around about 100 AD, the King of Norway and the King of Sweden needed to decide who had the right to claim the District of Hising. After rolling double sixes, the King of Sweden claimed the land as his own.

The Chinese Invented Playing Cards

Again, it is impossible to know if this is entirely true, but it is believed that the Chinese invented the playing cards used in almost every casino game, the digital version of which is used in online gambling. Because paper was invented in China, it was also the first nation to make use of paper money as currency. Once paper money and the act of gambling came together, playing cards were invented. That’s not the only tie the Chinese have to gambling, however. It is also believed that they were the first to shuffle the playing cards as well.

The French Added the Queens

The deck of cards used today in both traditional casinos and online gambling casino sites has come a long way. The designs currently on them were developed as a nod to the royal families of the Mediterranean. The cards needed to appeal to the ranks of noblemen as well. However, once they reached France, the French pulled a king out of each suite and replaced him with a queen, thus completing the royal family of each suite on playing cards.

Steeped in History

Online gambling as we know it today actually stems from several centuries of history. While the act of gambling itself has evolved significantly, it has resulted in what we have come to know and love today. Keep these historical facts in mind the next time you log on to play your favourite casino games online. Be sure to have fun and enjoy the game when you next settle down to play. Good luck!