Newer, Bigger, Wilder Queen of the Wild 2 Online Slots

Williams Interactive’s First Queen of the Wild slot featured a scantily clad siren and big payouts. The company has acquired a reputation for innovation, since it was founded in 1948, with the inclusion of video reels being a feature of some of their biggest names. Now, with the new Queen of the Wild 2, their heroine once again stalks the reels, with the game featuring colossal spin reels at the side of the screen as well as the standard 5 reel and 4 line payouts.

Symbols of the Wild

The game features the traditional playing card symbols as those of low value, with these being followed by tribal and animal symbols that pay a lot more attention to animation than biological or geographical accuracy. There is the durian, the famously antisocial Asian fruit, a tribal mask, a roaring tiger and a spectacular Amazonian parrot. The spinning reels are accompanied by the sounds of the jungle, and animations feature on payouts.

In addition to these, there are the traditional Wild symbols, as well as the symbol of the gorilla and the Queen herself, which function as expanding Wilds when they appear. The Queen can award prizes of free spins and multipliers of the original bet. The appearance of these also activate the three colossal reels at the side, which feature a higher number of Wilds of all kind, but have fewer pay out lines. All payouts on the colossal reels are, however, double those of the standard reels.

A Noble Effort

Queen of the Wild takes its, or her, place in the extensive range of original or non licensed game offerings from Williams Interactive. While some of their older offerings were criticised somewhat for lacking the brightness and vibrancy of their rivals, these newly updated versions such as Queen of the Wild 2 offer a fully interactive experience, and a riot of colour and sound for the discerning punter. Even in a crowded casino, these Canadian online slots with their extra large screens and 8 spinning reels have a commanding presence, and an enticing one. With 25 pay lines across the standard reels, and a minimum bet of 0,01 coin per line, it is also a highly accessible slot for the low roller and penny slot player, while still offering good payouts, thanks to the expanding Wilds featured.

Graphic Rich Slots Action

The artwork of Queen of the Wild is impressive at, the Queen being reminiscent of a young Racquel Welch, and the expanded reels allow the designers to fully explore their talents: because of an ongoing merger between Williams and Scientific Games at the time that the game was released, initial information was sparse, but all indications are thus far good that this slot will be a winner. While free play mode is unfortunately not always available worldwide, the game is available at all popular online casinos, as well as most physical gaming venues, meaning that wherever you are, you are never too far away from a very rewarding trip to the wild.