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iPhone Gaming on the Rise The incredibly popular iPhone, Apple’s entrant into the global mobile market, was first released in 2007. Considered the gold standard of smartphones, this amazing device changed the way communications are effected; over and above the ability to make voice calls, the internet capabilities of the iPhone meant emails, text messages

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Song Writing for Beginners Very few professional songwriters have had professional training, and the skill with which they are able to transfer their thoughts and feelings into the music that moves us is a combination of innate talent for expression and hard work. Perhaps you are dreaming of a professional songwriting career, or simply interested

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Free Online Music and Entertainment In the UK and around the world, more and more people are turning to the internet for quality entertainment. Whether it is books, music or television, the internet has become essential in our daily lives. Since most homes and offices are fitted with Wi-Fi connections, accessing the internet is just

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iPad Music, Games and Entertainment If you are an Apple technology fan, you will have noticed that both at home in the UK and internationally, sales of iPad’s have increased exponentially over the years. For most people, their iPad is not just a smart toy; it is a means of communication, a source of entertainment

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Mobile Technology and the Music Industry Over the past 10 years, mobile technology has come a long way. With the introduction of Smartphones and tablets, online communication and entertainment has become affordable and personalised. In the UK many people have started using their smartphones and tablets to shop, play and work online. From creating spreadsheets

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Carat Casino is an online gambling platform that provides instant play to games in its library. It is licensed under Curacao eGaming, having one licence that covers all the games Carat Casino supports. Games are aimed at a UK and Scandinavian audience, with many countries being restricted from play, such as The United States of

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The Technological Boom Carries Many Hidden Benefits The utopic condition for online casino play, to genuinely appreciate the number-daubing thrill of online bingo, the trepidation of hearing an opponent cry out ‘bingo’ and the possibility of winning some extra quid, is in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the technological marvel of online