A Comprehensive Review of Take Me Out Online Slot

Take Me Out Internet Slot

Take Me Out is a game show, well known for having guys try and win the affections of a selection of gorgeous girls. The show is loud, vibrant, and has a strong fan base, clearly being a popular enough endeavour to have a slot game made in its image. It is, however, a rather difficult theme to try and adapt, and the transition is one that produces results to varying degrees of success.

The Take Me Out slot game shares much of the music and design of the show, including recognisable jingles and catch phrases. In this aspect the game is a triumph, and fans will likely be thrilled. In terms of the aim of the show, however, there may have been a notable attempt to recreate the guys attempting to impress girls aspect, but the final result is confusing to say the least.

Still, Take Me Out is a great slot game in terms of basic game play, with the five reel twenty betting line system works well. The player is also allowed to adjust betting lines manually, which always goes a long way to increasing the levels of available strategy.

Symbols and Payouts

The artwork in the Take Me Out slot game is fairly well done, although the play symbols are perhaps a little uncreative. The most valuable symbol in the game is the classic male symbol, the upward arrow, and it will payout a good amount if matched the maximum of five times. The next symbol, in terms of value, is the female symbol, a downward facing cross.

This is followed by a pair of lips and cupids bow and arrow. The least valuable symbols are the ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing card, which have all been accompanied by the silhouette of a man or woman. This extra silhouette art is a great touch in the visual department, goes a long way to offering players an interesting visual experience. But Take Me Out is all about couples hooking up, and it is what players will expect to see. So where does this occur in the slot game?

Review of Take Me Out Online Slot

Bonus Games

To try and hook up with the Take Me Out Girls the player will first have to trigger a bonus sequence, which is done by matching the appropriate symbols. Both the No Like No Light symbol, a man in a booth, and the Bring Out the Girls symbol, the written words, will achieve the bonus sequence, but the Bring Out the Girls symbol will give an additional bonus payout.

Once activated, the bonus sequence has the player trying to impress the ladies. This is done by selecting behaviour choices, one by one, which will result in the girl either reacting positively or negatively. If a positive reaction is achieved, the player is given a payout, and will move on to the next lady. It may first seem like it matters which choice the player makes, but will soon become clear that the results are the same, regardless of which choice is made. It is a bit of a confusing sequence, but will still result in some big payouts, which certainly cannot be frowned on.

Like pokies NZ, Take Me Out can be played on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.